Donnell Allen, 42, a black San Francisco resident, and Kelsey Musgrove, 19, a white female from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania were hit with felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon, robbery and conspiracy, and a misdemeanor charge of interfering with free speech after allegedly attacking Bay Area National Anarchists, including leader Andrew Yeoman, at a Saturday rally at Civic Center.

SF Weekly's Lauren Smiley reports:

Cops recovered what they believe to be a mace can at the scene. The robbery charge stemmed from an attempt to take a backpack from one of the victims. The victim group -- who was unidentified on the police report, but were identified to SF Weekly as BANA members by founder Andrew Yeoman -- were treated by paramedics at the scene but refused further medical assistance. One victim had bruising and redness to the left side of the face; one had head, neck and back injuries; one had a cut on the right side of the face and a red eye; and the fourth had no apparent injury. None of the injuries were life-threatening.

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But who is this Andrew Yeoman, exactly? Well, aside from hating on harmless race mingling and homosexual fetes, Yeoman, at least according to his Facebook page, is... just like us!