Remember the story of Dopey Debbie the Coke Whore whose shenanigans may have cost the SFPD like a hundred drug convictions? Well, prosecutors in the case of Dennis Cyrus — a former member of the Page Street gang who stands accused of killing three dudes and some dozen other counts of drug conspiracy and racketeering — say that Debbie's bad behavior probably won't threaten their case.

Cyrus was due to be sentenced next week and his defense attorney asked the judge to delay sentencing while they figure out whether the crime lab investigation should impact the conviction. Debbie, you see, testified for the prosecution last April.

Prosecutors aren't having it, though, and they point out that six other witnesses besides Debbie corroborated "that the Page Street Mob member dealt crack cocaine on a daily basis in their turf located near the Hayes Valley South housing development far in excess of the amount of crack cocaine seized and tested by SFPD." Also, they rightly note, that the murder charges have nothing whatsoever to do with the drug charges and shouldn't be affected.