by Amy Crocker

Like the Egg McMuffin, the Egg McMatzo is one of those "breakfast" foods that is appropriate to eat for lunch. Most breakfast sandwiches come with sausage or bacon. Jews, of course, don't eat that. So we'll replace the pig with a potato pancake, or "latke."
Latkes are normally eaten on Chanukah, and they take forever to make from scratch.

Thankfully, Streit's has a kosher for Passover Potato Pancake Mix that takes all of five minutes to prepare - just add water and egg. Then fry it in lots and lots of oil.
You may be tempted to bust out the apple sauce and eat the latkes straight away. But put those aside for just a minute. Your patience will be rewarded. Mix an egg with a little bit of milk to make it fluffy. Don't worry about mixing milk and meat, eggs are in the neutral zone. Then fry it and fold it over to give it some height. Stack the latke and egg between two pieces of matzo and voila! Season with salt or ketchup as desired.