Pull up a stool to enjoy this week's cocktail, kids, from Jardinière's bar manager Brian MacGregor, and its name is a play on both the neighborhood the restaurant calls home, The Western Addition, and Ed Burns, creator of The Wire. From Brian:

It was inspired by the classic Bobby Burns cocktail, where the base spirit is scotch whiskey. I chose to use the Copper Fox because of its high content of malted barley (33%), and then slowly started mixing in different bitter and herbaceous liqueurs until I found a balance that I truly enjoyed. This is one of those drinks that if you made it with any other rye besides this one, it just wouldn't be the same at all. The Copper Fox just has these wonderful leather and smoky notes — it tastes like what your grandfather's study would smell like.

The Western Edition

1.5 oz Copper Fox Rye Whiskey
.5 oz Punt y mes
.5 oz Yellow Chartreuse VEP
1 bar spoon of Benedictine

Stir and strain into a small cocktail glass. Garnish with broad orange peel.