Speaking of fundraising, is San Francisco Mayor and Lt. Governor candidate Gavin Newsom violating the Political Reform Act by accepting contributions from donors who gave the maximum allowable amount during his gubernatorial attempt? When running for Govenor, Newsom was able to accept up to $25,900 per donor, but now running for Lt. Governor, he can only receive up to $6,500. Opponent Janice Hahn, a Los Angeles City Councilmember, today alleged that Newsom is violating state law by soliciting donations from the same maxed out donors from his gubernatorial bid.

Newsom's Attorney calls shenanigans, speaking to Capitol Alert: "The fact is that the funds raised by Mayor Newsom for his gubernatorial committee were spent supporting his run for Governor, an election from which he withdrew from in October 2009. Now, five months later, he is running for a different office, involving different issues and different opponents."

Hahn says Newsom has already spent $3 million for the June 8th primary with funds from his gubernatorial committee. The full complaint, which was sent to the California Fair Political Practices Commission this morning, is below.