We get so excited when we find a message from Gavin Newsom waiting in our inbox -- especially when "I need your help" calls to us from the subject line. (Help with what? "...Jennifer is being a mega-bitch again, "...I think I like penis," ...David Chiu is in my office taking curtain measurement and won't leave," "...My dealer is out of town." The possibilities are endless.)

"With your support, we can meet our goal of raising another $50,000 - will you help us today," Newsom begs.

The Mayor of San Francisco, of course, is asking for money to help elect him California Lt. Governor. And seeing as how San Francisco is in the midst of its most jarring budget crisis, what better time than now to throw your money into the abyss of yet another Newsom vanity campaign. Go here to move the mayor out of San Francisco.

In related news, Meg Whitman is gaining on Jerry Brown. Polls show that the two are tied in the Governor's race.