A 25-year-old San Francisco man was tossed in the Santa Cruz County on Saturday morning, accused of allegedly tagging a cop car and "vandalizing property across the city and causing $8,000 worth of damage."

Kitt Alexander Hall's "path of destruction" involved "the city-owned parking lot on the 500 block of Cedar Street, where it's suspected Hall etched words in the windshields of a dozen vehicles," Pacific Avenue, Laurel Street, and a bar bathroom where he supposedly used a metallic marker to destroy "every single surface in the restroom," reports the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

According to BCN (via SF Appeal), "a police officer was conducting a check at the Red Room bar in the Santa Cruz Hotel when hotel security detained Hall" after he had (allegedly) "just spray painted the building and the officer's patrol car parked outside." Oops.

Hall has been charged with felony vandalism. What's more, additional charges could also be filed since "Hall allegedly kept photos of some graffiti incidents on his cell phone."