In an effort to get Google to use their town to test out FIber (their "1Gbps fiber-to-the-home Internet service experiment") the town of Topeka, Kansas renamed itself "Google" for the month of March. The town's mayor declared: "Now, therefore, I, William W. Bunten, Mayor of the City of Topeka, Kansas, urge the citizens of Topeka to recognize and support the continuing efforts to bring Google's ‘Fiber for Communities’ experiment to our city, and do hereby proclaim that for the month of March 2010, the city of Topeka will be known as Google, Kansas-The Capital City of Fiber Optics."

This is ingenious. Mayor Newsom, we now call upon you to rename San Francisco "Brin" for the month of March to trump this astute effort. (Newsom, we should point out, is doing his part to get Fiber tested here.)

[via Curbed]