Fed up with Muni's simultaneous fare hikes and cuts in service? A lot of folks are. This isn't new. But there's this march on Muni happening on Monday at 5 p.m. at Powell and Market.

March Against Muni will continue down Market to Van Ness and end at City Hall, lasting about an hour. The organizers have even provided some clever signs for you to print out and bring to the march.

However. This out-of-the-blue protest has already been covered by other sites (Muni Diaires, Caltics, Melissa Griffin) -- critically so. And with good reason: the organizers' demands are suspiciously broad; and the request to not purchase a March Fast Pass, while using Muni as little as possible throughout the month, could prove too difficult for those of us who rely on public transportation. It all seems a little...strange.

But if one must vent pent up Muni rage, a brisk stroll up Market Street on Monday might be just the thing.