Making a connection with these two lovable sillyfaces? Then, by all means, head down to the SPCA to adopt them or one of the many fine animals who need a gram of your love. Really, they could sure use a warm and safe place to call home. (And not someone who will treat them as furniture or accessories or... worse. Remember: Pets are family members, period.) More info after the jump.

7-month-old female lab mix (about 35 lbs)

Want your dog to nuzzle your hand, lean into you, and let you rub her tummy? Want a super-glue bond with your canine companion? I'm sweet, gentle, loving, and a bit on the timid side, unless I am with my special someone. See my furrowed brow?... that is me worried now. See the curl in my tail?... that is my optimism that I will find my true love.