You, that's who. And you can, by participating in the Tech Search Party, which offers as a prize an autographed baseball by the Mayor. Other prizes include tickets to a Bon Jovi concert courtesy of the suddenly cuddly Sarah and Vinnie, or EA video games.

The Tech Search Party is a scavenger hunt in Noe Valley which raises funds for the Alvarado Elementary school (because Schwarzenegger's definitely not going to give them money.) You put together a team of up to six people, you pick up a package with clues on this Saturday 2/6 at 6pm; you solve them by finding signs hidden in the hood and sending the picture thereof via email with your cellphone. When you're done, each team gets a drink at the Dubliners. If you need a serious reason to participate, you can chat policy with a bunch of District 8 supervisor candidates, they'll be playing. All the fee goes to the school, and is totally tax deductible, so register now.