by Amy Crocker

MUSIC: Oakland rappers, The Souls Of Mischief, will play a live set at "Left Fest" to promote their new album Montezuma's Revenge. The night also features performances by Crown Royale, Exile and others.

9 p.m. // Mezzanine (444 Jessie) // $20

FILM: Today through February 2, the San Rafael Film Center will screen films in contention for the foreign language Oscar nominations. Showing at 6:30 is the Korean film, Mother (Madeo), about a woman who takes on a murder investigation in order to free her imprisoned son. And at 9 p.m. is Alive! (Gjalle) from Albania, which follows an urbanized student who returns to his mountain village for his father's funeral. For a complete list of films in the cycle, go here. A six film pass is $32.

6:30 and 9 p.m. // San Rafael Film Center (1118 Fourth Street, San Rafael) // $10 per film

THEATER: Playwright Luis Alfaro re-imagines Oedipus in modern day California - bringing more messed-up family drama to our state than Real Housewives of Orange County. Oedipus El Rey begins at the Golden Gate Bridge and heads down the highway toward Los Angeles. And in case you missed high school, this is the one classical play you shouldn't bring your parents to.

8 p.m. // Fort Mason Center, Magic Theatre Bldg D. // $20 - $55