You know, it's refreshing to see that in a world where too often public policy is driven by the deranged mewling of self-absorbed NIMBYs and Ayn Rand-worshipping crazies there are still some folks out there willing to go all David Horowitz in support of what's only right and proper.

Apparently, Californians for High-Speed Rail, the group that brought us the voter approved Proposition 1A that allows for the issuance of bonds to pay for a statewide high speed rail network, has had enough of the hysterics from the ladies-who-lunch down on the Peninsula who are trying to kill this project lest their Dina Merrill hair-dos get mussed in the wake of a passing train. The group has started speaking out at public meetings in support of high speed rail and has begun both a petition drive and a letter writing campaign to extract more project funding from the federal government.

They even have a new Facebook page. It looks like we will have some high speed rail fireworks to look forward to at public meetings all over the state. Right on, Californians for High-Speed Rail. Give them hell!