Number of people pictured in this week's Miss Bigelow's Social City: 97

Minority count: 14 (14%)

Number of people whom we recognize: 6 (stepmother Dede Wilsey, Charlotte Shultz, filmmaker George Lucas, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, scribe/bon vivant Robert Mailer Anderson, radio personality Hooman)

Shots of the retina-scorchingly glamorous Vanessa Getty: 0

Shots that need more Vanessa Getty retina-scorching glamor: 45

Who was celebrating what: Society people at the 77th Opening-night Ballet Gala, 1/20

Pair of silver flip flops: 1 (as worn by Deepa Pakianathan)

The scene: rain, wealth, taught faces, twinkling toes, Dede's wrath

Identification of body currently lying at the bottom of the Bay after sporting same gown as Dede Wilsey: Paula Carano (RIP)

People wearing sneakers with formal suit: 1 (Rich Silverstein)

Visibly homosexual: 2 (Tom Horn and his partner, Caesar Alexzander)

Bowties, ties, furs: 29, 16, 2

Ties dedicated to Haitian help: 1 (Timothy Wu's)

Pirouettes, red shoes: 0, 0