A total of 31 people plunged to their death off the Golden Gate Bridge in 2009, a number slighter lower than the grand total for 2008.

"The 31 suicides in 2009 were three fewer than 2008, but higher than historical annual totals, according to a new report released by Ken Holmes of the Marin County Coroner’s Office, the agency chiefly in charge of reporting the incidents," noted yesterday's SF Examiner." Since the bridge was built in 1937, more than 1,300 people have plunged to their death, which is about 18 a year."

But what about the prevention net under the bridge, you ask? Well, the $50 million steel net that would be located 20 feel below the bridge, has been stalled since "the bridge district specifically stipulated that no local money will be dedicated to the project." So, according to Paul Mueller of the Bridge Rail Foundation, they're looking to the federal government for help.

The report went on to state the obvious, explaining that "research has constantly shown that suicides can be reduced if easy access to lethal means is restricted."