Did you feel that?

KRON 4 reports this morning's quake was felt six miles northeast of Milpitas. We didn't feel it here at SFist HQ. But to be fair, Eve Batey at SF Appeal was the first to report it. During our IM conversation, we tried to figure out if it was a truck or quake. We said truck (since we couldn't feel it); she said quake.Alas, she was correct.

Update 10:15: Here are a few more details about this morning's small(ish) earthquake:

Magnitude: 4.2 4.1
Date-Time: 10:09 AM

Check out USGS for more information.

Update 10:20: It's a trending topic on Twitter. Soon to hit number one, we're sure. Also, USGS has lowered the magnitude to a 4.1.

Update 10:28: Remember to be careful of aftershocks. One just happened. KRON is reporting three of them. Gulp.

Update 10:34: Reports are coming in that it was felt as far as Carmel. Now, this is unusual for such a small sized quake, which could mean any number of things: the rocks shifted oddly during the quake, the quake was a shallow one, etc.

Update 10:43: OK, that's about it for now. Please stay tuned for our regular get-prepared-for-the-big-one post (not to mention groan-worthy oh-look-everyone-is-freaking-out-over-a-small-quake posts to follow from other media outlets.)