In addition to an eternity burning in the lower circles of hell, handicap placard and parking space abusers will now face larger fines in San Francisco. Yesterday, the SFMTA approved fine increases for on everything "from blocking a blue zone to displaying an invalid placard." And we're sure we have more than one guilty reader.

This all comes on the heels of a state law authored by Assemblylady Fiona Ma, in October that lets local cities puff up fines. According to reports, "as of Jan. 1, those who display a lost, stolen, expired or counterfeit placard or plate will be fined $825, up from $750."

And, sadly, having handicap placards without the required handicap is as San Francisco as the Golden Gate Bridge, gays, and arrested development. Most of us know at least one driver with a bogus placard.

But the good news is that you can snitch on said friend(s), enemies, or that nasty bitch you've always hated. Just visit to turn in violators. It's easy: simply record the placard number, the vehicle's license plate number, leave a "ha ha, I snitched on you, loser!" note behind, report it back to, and then sit back and back in the warm glow of righteousness.