by Amy Crocker

How does a girl from Marin County end up with a role in American Pie? According to Beth Behrs, with lots of luck. A graduate of the UCLA School of Film and Television, the Bay Area native is living and auditioning in Los Angeles - carving out a career in acting. Though she is a trained singer, her first film role is as the star of American Pie Presents: The Book of Love, which came out on DVD last Tuesday. SFist spoke with Behrs to get an insider’s perspective on the Hollywood ladder, American Pie, and of course, her run in with the cast of Twilight.

SFist: So what’s the reaction when you tell people you were in an America Pie film?
Beth Behrs: Well they’d be, “Oh that franchise is still running? What number is this?” They’ll ask me what my part is and did you have to do anything crazy? I always have to clarify: no I didn’t do any nudity. I play the sweet one. She’s the girl next door whose friends are pressuring her to lose her virginity but she knows she doesn’t want to do it with just anyone.
SF: How does this one compare to the rest of the series?
BB: Number three was pretty raunchy and it kind of lost what made the first one so good. So this one had the writer of the second movie and our director really wanted to bring back the heart. The female characters aren’t just naked.