by Taryn Harrington

Grass Widow was just another band, another Myspace Top 8, until I read a recent article in Color Magazine with Shaybe Sartin from the Fresh & Onlys. He considered the all-girl punk meets sweet trio as an influential local band. To Sartin , Grass Widow isn’t getting the attention they deserve.

We can see why after checking out their show at the Knockout. The crowd was enamored with their surf influence beats mixed with the harmonies of Raven Mahon, Hannah Lew and Lillian Maring. The best examples are songs like "Tattoo" and "To Where," which make you jump around and head bobble until you loose balance. It’s a fun new take on a great style. What's more, seeing three chicks really kill it onstage rarely gets old.

Grass Widow is a gem amongst many great, but at times tired, Bay Area style punk bands. This isn't to say they're anything strikingly new: Grass Widow show obvious hints of Raincoats, Black Tambourine and other great girl bands of yesteryear, but that doesn’t mean they should go unnoticed. Instead, they show how the 'punk is dead' statement is just another cliche. These girls are evolving a sound of their own.

Other bands that played on Tuesday night where Tongue and Teeth, Sopors, and Rank/Xerox. Grass Widow, however, shined the loudest.