Oh dear. It would appear that those folks who were lining up to ride BART through the Transbay Tube, just so they could continue yammering away obliviously on their mobile phones and/or looking at pretty pictures from the internets, were met only with ten minutes of disappointment and heartbreak yesterday. The much touted underwater wireless experience turns out to have been total crap.

This morning's Comical reports that while AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint Nextel and Verizon installed their wireless transmitters under the Bay last weekend, it will apparently be a few more days before their transbay service is up and running. In the meantime, BART riders with actual manners, count your blessings. You've been given a very brief reprieve from the nightmarish prospect of being trapped 135 feet below the surface of the Bay while surrounded by East Bay bridge-and-tunnel bleating intelligent things like "Hella this!" or "Hella that!" into their phones uninterrupted. Enjoy it while you can.