The brave kid who talked to news reporters and described to authorities the graphic scene of the homecoming dance gang rape in Richmond last month, has now gone missing. KCBS reports that Salvador Rodriguez Jr. has been missing since December 6th, and relatives reported that he'd been receiving threats on his life.

Rodriguez said he had been skateboarding outside Richmond High School on the night of October 24th when he saw 15-year-old Cody Smith lure the 15-year-old rape victim to a secluded area of the school's campus, where she proceeded to drink half a bottle of booze and the boys who followed proceeded to take advantage of her vulnerability, rip her clothes off, beat, and rape her for two and a half hours.

Though it is possible that Rodriguez saw the situation getting worse and made himself disappear -- he did not have a permanent residence and had been couch surfing with friends -- it is equally possible that foul play's been involved. In the video which we're sharing again below, Rodriguez talks about fearing for his life, but says he came forward because he has two 15-year-old sisters himself.