Number of people pictured in this week's Miss Bigelow's Social City: 50

Minority count: 7 (14%)

Number of people whom we recognize: 5 (Alexis Traina and Vanessa Getty, Chief Justice Ronald George, Tatiana Sorokko, Pamela Joyner)

Getty v. Traina: 1-1 (And in the same picture, no less! Our laptop almost imploded and sent us to another universe after gazing upon the image.)

Shots of the breathtaking Vanessa Getty: 1

Shots that need more Vanessa Getty breathtakingness: 28

Who was celebrating what?: Cariter at the Legion of Honor, 12/16

The scene: wealth, taught faces, clocks, gold

Noted Cartier baubles that sure look pretty: 4

Unruly name of note: Urannia Ristow (say it loudly, you're declaring war; say it softly, you're praying to Jesus)

Bowties, ties, furs: 19, 0, 5

Tatiana Sorokko head turn: 3/4

Adorable gaps between front teeth: 1 (Cartier Circle patron and FAM Trustee Marion Cope)

Number of servants sneaking in front of camera: 3 (2 unnamed pageboys; 1 PR flack/SFist hater, Allison Speer)