Perhaps due to the recent surge in popularity from neighboring Blackbird, Castro bar Amber (located at 718 14th Street) will celebrate for the last time on New Year's Eve. One of San Francisco's favorite divey hangouts -- minus the affected PBR-swilling cycling sect, which, really, is what set it apart from the rest -- the bar was best know for being (among other things) one of the few places in which you could still puff away on a Camel Light while waiting to use the john.

Au revoir, smokers paradise.

But don't worry, folks, the place has no plans of turning into another cupcake shop or overpriced pizza joint. A new "cocktail club" will open to the public in its place on January 16, one that promises to "feel like your home away from home." This new place, which has yet be to be named, however, will become a smoke-free establishment.