by Amy Crocker

MUSIC: If you missed Lady Gaga's San Francisco shows yesterday and Sunday, there's still a chance to see the wackiness of live glam rock. Semi Precious Weapons, the opening band for Lady Gaga, plays a more intimate show tonight.

Doors open at 8 p.m. // Red Devil Lounge (1695 Polk) // $8

ART: If you are only mild to moderately annoyed by pets dressed like humans, or if you always thought seated portraits made noblemen look like cows, then you might resonate with Tanya Wischerath's new collection. Many of the local artist's pictures feature the heads of animals such as horses and deer on human bodies. The opening reception is tonight and will have refreshments and music.

7 p.m. // a.Muse Gallery (614 Alabama) // Free

FILM: Before Mel Gibson turned into an anti-Semitic octo-dad, he was just an unknown Australian in a low budget film out to avenge his loved ones. Mad Max, the 1979 film that launched Gibson onto the world, is set in the bleak near future. Get ready for guns, car chases, and lots of leather.

7:15 and 9:15 // Red Vic Movie House (1727 Haight St.) // $7 on Tuesdays