In what could possibly be Jennifer Siebel's first fashion shoot post-Montana, San Francisco's first lady appears in the December issue of UC Berkeley's Bare Magazine, helping to promote local designers.

And it's a good thing. What with every other trustifarian affectedly waxing on and on (and on and on AND ON) about overpriced food trucks (e.g., deported French dude, inane classist food festivals), ice cream shoppes, and vile warm fruit (pie = gross), it's frustrating to see how little attention is paid to local fashion designers (compared to an art form that turned into feces within a few hours of appreciation.) In Bare, Siebel pulls off several works by such local designers as Christopher Collins and Colleen Quen. (Who knew it would be Siebel, Newsom's flaxen wife/actress, that would help try bringing San Francisco back to some sort of gloriously loopy aesthetic?)

This blue Quen number is, in an ideal world, every woman would wear while hopping aboard Muni, lollygagging in Dolores Park, or window shopping in Hayes Valley. Alas.

Siebel, according to NBC Bay Area, also sports pieces from footwear from Pacific Heights’ HeidiSays Shoes.

Be sure to check out the issue when it hits stores next week.