Oh geez. Is this really graphic really necessary? We found it over at CBS 5, attached to today's "2 Pit Bulls Who Mauled Dog Shot In East Palo Alto" item. The story goes like this: An East Palo Alto cop "shot two pit bulls" that had just mauled a tiny poodle mix as it was being walked by its owner last night. Then, the aggressive pooches "approached responding officers in a 'vicious manner,'" which is when the fuzz had no other choice but to open fire, killing the dogs.

But these kind of headlines and jarring graphics, of course, give the breed a bad reputation; all pit bulls aren't itching to go for the jugular. And why don't we ever read headlines like, say, for example, "Irish Terrier Mauls Nob Hill Woman in Park Her Family Gave to City" (a recent story in SF Weekly)? We don't. But pit bulls always make it in the headline.

Then again, who are we to poo-poo a little sensationalism?

Anyway, learn how to train your dogs properly, folks, or don't adopt them. Also, don't fear the pit bull breed. They're great dogs, even better companions. Seriously.