"Oakland's answer to San Francisco's Mission District," Temescal is, arguably, one of Oakland's finest neighborhoods. As Curbed noted earlier today, the WSJ review is downright intriguing, not to mention highly informative, when praising (or criticizing) the O-town hood as the latest home to yuppie/hipster hybrids.

The North Oakland area of Temescal has become a yupster magnet, led by local merchants who embarked five years ago on a deliberate strategy to shed the tawdry Oakland image by fostering a neighborhood art and culinary scene.

Unlike the fare at Temescal's newish farmers markets and gastronomic hotspots, however, the change toward the artisan wasn't all that organic.

The shift is no accident: Local merchants and leaders plotted a strategy for the commercial district's success, starting with a 2004 vote in favor of a property tax. With the tax proceeds, local merchants created a business-improvement district that has cleaned up sidewalks and brought in popular farmers markets and street fairs. And one landlord shaped the core of the commercial district by offering below-market-rate rent to businesses that would boost the whole neighborhood.

Can a Temescal [email protected] be far behind? (Somebody would be wise to start a Temescal blog, FYI.)

Anyway, WSJ goes on to point out that the area has a median home price of $620,000 and comparatively cheap rent (as low as $500/month!) from neighboring hoods. Line up in an orderly fashion, folks. Temescal awaits!