MUSIC: Enjoying watching solo acts perform? We sure do. (Hence our unshared love for cabaret acts.) Which is why you should check out "I Rock Alone! A Night of Weird Solo Acts" happening in the Tenderloin at the city's most deceptively named venue. Here's what's in store for you: The Slow Poisoner, a San Francisco-based "snake oil salesman that bangs a drum festooned with sleigh bells while singing jingles about the miracle tonic that he hawks from the stage"; Mosquito Bandito, a Wisconsin-based "renowned one man band" who performs "distorted blues singles"; and the 1 Man Banjo, a member of the Extra Action Marching Band and Hobo Gobbelins. Single people, unite! By spending some time with local solo acts.

8 p.m. // Kimo's Penthouse Lounge (1351 Polk) // $6

COMEDY: Part of Live 105's movie duo Siskel & Negro, Kevin Avery performs his beer-through-the-nose brand of humor. Hilarity will ensue.

8 p.m. // Punchline (444 Battery) // $15