Uh oh.

Did you know that you could face a steep, steep fine if you dump your old furniture on the city sidewalks? We didn't. And we've tossed everything from post-party cheap vodka to lamps to CDs to couches on the sidewalks of SF. (All of which were immediately picked up by passersby, thank you very much.) See, SF Examiner reports that "the Department of Public Works recently put out a friendly reminder on Twitter warning that residents face fines between $200 and $1,000 for such 'illegal dumping.'"

While "illegal dumping" is as common as to any urban area as is a corner liquor store or subway system, "an average of 24 tons of refuse left on the streets and in vacant lots is hauled away daily," costing the city $2 million annually.


Instead of leaving your crap on the streets, you can donate your unloved items to Goodwill or Salvation Army, have Sunset Scavenger or Golden Gate Recycling and Disposal get rid of them for free, or use Community Clean Team program, "which offers annual free drop off of bulky items, composting and recycling materials."