After this weekend's headline-churning incident featuring a BART cop protecting passengers from unruly, drunk Michael Joseph Gibson, 37 -- the twist being that the officer accidentally (?) broke a pane of glass during the arrest at the West Oakland Station -- Assemblymember Tom Ammiano released the following statement:

The video of this arrest reinforces what all of us have known since the Oscar Grant tragedy earlier this year; that BART lacks adequate training and accountability for its police department. While BART’s management has at least learned the value of responding to these incidents quickly, the lesson that needs to be learned is that BART and its police department have a long way to go to restore trust with the community. The first step towards that goal is ensuring that BART has a safe, professional police department.

I look forward to working with BART in the upcoming legislative session to implement civilian oversight and other much-needed reforms for their police department.

Related: the officer, who has yet to be identified, was placed on paid "industrial leave," according to SFGate, "meaning he is unable to perform his duties because of injuries." The officer, if you recall, was hurt during the arrest.