Early this morning, "dozens of student protesters" occupied UC Berkeley's Wheeler Hall. . "UCPD officers have surrounded the building, and some are inside," reports the Daily Cal. As of 9 a.m., "[p]olice are using a crowbar to open the door, according to protesters inside."

Protest signs have gone up around the building, with some students wearing masks. Lots of chanting, dancing, the usual stuff. Also, UC students are being encouraged to skip class and join the protest.

Twitter reports vary wildly, ranging from "People are getting tear gas thrown at them and getting beat wit batons in wheeler Hall." (@bsig223) to "Protesters in Wheeler Hall, Awesome!" (@ejohns131 ) to "just heard that students have taken over wheeler hall, uc berkeley to protest the fee increase... suerte y solidaridad!" (@elNopalero)

The protest is in response to the UC Board's vote to raise undergraduate student fees by more than $2,500 (32 percent) in the 2010-11 school year, "with some increases taking effect in spring 2010."