Why couldn't Newsom tell CBS 5's Hank Plante, "Yeah, I took off to Hawaii. And what, hooker? Somebody hold my earrings."

Instead, after failing to turn a recent sit-down interview to the city's budget -- because, really, who wants to hear about something so crucial yet boring? -- Newsom got cranky. Because Plante insisted that our mayor tell us where he's been and what he's been doing over the last two weeks.

"Working my tail off," said Newsom.

The mayor, it seems, has been trying to fix the budget, dealing with a new daughter, attending "69 public events last week," and other assorted duties that weren't made public.

When asked about the media coverage of his so-called temper tantrum, Newsom fibs he doesn't read the press, doesn't read the Chronicle. Why? Because he's too busy getting stuff done.

Newsom then slammed Plante as "factually incorrect," accusing him of misleading his audience.

But then, when Plante brought up the budget toward the end of the interview, Newsom turned pissy. Which, of course, was brilliant. (He needs to do this more often. And frown; he needs to learn how to frown when he's upset. We couldn't find a screen grab of him appearing visibly upset, which is chilling.) After the interview ends and he takes off his microphone, the mayor spits back, "Off the record, I'm amazingly disappointed. Amazingly. I just am, personally, you know."

OK then. Well, glad to have you back, Gavin.