The dead woman's body we regretfully mentioned, which was found in the parking lot at Berkeley's Aquatic Park around 4 a.m. Friday morning, turns out to be that of 23-year-old Zoelina Williams of West Oakland, a quiet girl who lost both of her parents to cancer, one in the last few months. She had allegedly been in a relationship with one Curtis Martin III, a neighbor with a criminal record whom Zoelina had been secretly dating, unbeknownst to her family.

According to the Mercury News, Martin served six years in jail, from 1994-2000, for the beating death of three-year-old Devin Brewer, the son of his girlfriend at the time. Just last year he was arrested for violating a court order to prevent domestic violence, but never prosecuted. Martin was arrested after he was spotted by Berkeley Police walking out of the Aquatic Park shortly before Zoelina's body was discovered.