by Ryan Robles

Times are tough. Or so we've been told. So, in this economy it’s ideal to know where to go to get the most omph for your buck, especially if your tastes are a lot bigger than your wallet. For cocktails, obviously, it's happy hour (Bag Lady favors Orson Tue-Sat, and obviously the Castro for two-for-one’s anytime before 9 p.m.) For food it’s dining at home, or out during the week at any restaurant that has a special weekly or monthly price fix dining menus. Currently, Bar Bambino is at the top of the list with a 4-course dinner that will only set you back about $35. And for nightlife, it’s going out during the week when people are generally more unruly and “living life to the fullest.”

But what about clothing? It can be a challenge to find inexpensive separates outside of the youthful yet dry American Apparel and Urban Outfitters to wear out on any given day of the week. The answer? The Seventh Heart.

The Seventh Heart, located on Market near Van Ness, sell thoughtfully selected basics, one-of-a-kind pieces, as well as hosts monthly art shows in their gallery-like setting. Owners Jess Cuevas & Mark Hoke, friends from high school and Bay Area natives, have created a special and unique space where local fashion and art converge to create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. As many know Bag Lady is just as crazy about aesthetics as is clothing, and The Seventh Heart doesn’t disappoint. Currently the boutique is a mix of equestrian, vintage leather daddy memorabilia, and Mickey Mouse. Yes, three things that make Bag Lady swoon. The space also houses three gorgeous graffiti-style murals from local artist and nightlife personality, Mica Horseface.

As for the clothes, The Seventh Heart carries a ton of tees and totes designed by Jess Cuevas & Mark Hoke.