View Recovery at Work in San Francisco in a larger map

While this is old news, this map is a great way to navigate info on Recovery Funds affecting San Francisco. Signed into law by Obama on February 17, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is "an historic investment in America's infrastructure, energy technology, education and health care." Which is to say, San Francisco received money. Lots of it.

Nancy Pelosi's office released this map that shows just where the money went in San Francisco. Here are just a few places of note benefiting from the Recovery Act:

  • Geary Blvd: $668,000 for repairs and improvements at various intersections
  • SFO: $5.5 million for runway reconstruction; $15 million from the Department of Homeland Security for an electronic baggage screening program; $11 million for runway construction

  • San Francisco Caltrain Station: $9.3 million for track and infrastructure rehabilitation

  • Bay Area Video Coalition: $50,000 from the National Endowment for the Arts

  • MUNI: $67million for various transportation projects

  • Golden Gate National Recreation Area: $16 million to correct accessibility deficiencies park-wide, correct fire and safety deficiencies in multiple park buildings, revegetate landscape, install photovoltaic panels on headquarters building, and protect endangered species habitat by restoring and revegetating an eroding trail.

(via Richmond Blog)