A man reportedly went on a racist rant aboard a Muni bus last week, and a mother and her teen son are speaking out in the hopes of raising awareness and putting pressure on police.

The incident happened last Wednesday afternoon. SF resident Liz Le says her 14-year-old son witnessed the man who was shouting racial slurs and ranting aboard a crowded Muni bus. Her son was coming home from school at Lowell High School on the 29-Sunset bus.

"He has to take public transportation every day, so do a lot of young kids," Le tells NBC Bay Area. "And there's been a lot of Asian hate in our city, but not a lot of responsive accountability."

The unnamed boy further tells KTVU, "He was screaming multiple racial slurs against Asians using the ‘C’ slur. He said things like 'these people are ruining America, and they should go back to their country." The high schooler adds, "I felt pretty shocked, but at the same time, I felt pretty fearful. I didn't want to do something that would trigger him or offend him."

Two teenage girls tried to intervene and speak to the man, the teen says, and this seemed to anger him and he allegedly pulled out a Taser and pointed it toward one of the girls.

"When he turned it on, it was really loud," the boy says. "It caused a lot of people to scream and run out."

The bus driver reportedly pulled the bus over along Sunset Boulevard near Taraval Street and called 911. The suspect got off the bus and hid behind a tree, according to the boy.

The suspect remains at large, and the SFMTA has reportedly handed over surveillance video of the incident to the SFPD.

Liz Le says she and her son are speaking out to the media because, she tells KTVU, "it's the only way to to prevent it from happening to someone else."

Last year, an incident occurred on a 38-Geary bus in which a man was hurling anti-Asian slurs while throwing eggs at a woman. That suspect was later identified as 44-year-old Joseph Benjamin, and he was charged in April 2023 with four counts of battery on a transit employee or passenger, and three counts of violating a person's civil rights. It's not clear what the status of that case is now.

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