Oh jeez. At the risk of sounding ageist, a 90-year-old man is responsible for this early AM scene in Glen Park. Why? Because he's a 90-YEAR-OLD MAN DRIVING A CAR.

Glen Park News reports that at around 9 a..m this morning an elderly man lost control of his Acura as he was coming down Thor Avenue, taking out two fences and dropping into the backyard of 2780 Diamond.

The old man was hospitalized. No word yet on his condition.

A crane has been called in to lift the car out of the yard.

Also, why was this person even driving at his frail age? Driving anywhere at the ripe age of 90 is, arguably, dangerous; but in Glen Park, where kids are hopped up on Sunny-D and frolicking around like tiny people gone mad, it's especially egregious.