A big rig driver lost control of his truck at 3:30 a.m. this morning while negotiating the infamous S-curve on the Bay Bridge. The vehicle plunged 200 feet onto Yerba Buena Island, killing the driver. The far right lane was reopened at 7:45 a.m., but CHP expects residual delays. The driver, who was transporting pears, was going ten miles over the speed limit, and investigators suspect the truck's cargo might have shifted, helping to cause the crash. The bridge did not experience any structural damage from the crash.

There have been 42 crashes at the S-curve portion of the bridge in the past two months, but most of them have been fender benders. CHP has had plans in the works to install radar units that post the speed of oncoming cars, as well as red reflector lights to catch drivers' attention at night.

CHP has tried to drill it into drivers to slow the hell down. We drove the S-curve for the first time yesterday, remembering to slow down to the posted 40 miles per hour, and most of the cars in the other lanes around us were speeding past.