Ever since Gavin Newsom dropped out of the California governor's race, and ran off to Hawaii without telling his staff, residents are dying to get a peek at our mayor post-wound lick.

Let's see where he's (allegedly) been since he returned to work on Friday.

CBS 5's Joe Vasquez tried to hunt him down at City Hall. What's his reward for doing his job as a reporter? "Sheriff Deputies just kicked me out of city hall, as the mayor escaped out a back door.," writes Vasquez. "While on stake out on the 2nd floor, a couple dozen models were changing in and out of costumes for a fashion show."

Fashion show? What on earth goes on at City Hall, anyway? We digress.

Beth Spotswood gathered Twitter reports (the very medium that helped him is turning on him!) on Gavin out and about town on Friday.

One Newsom fan, @billnordwall, says "Just saw Gavin Newsom. I'm pretty sure I'm gay for him now." (OK then.)

Then, at a local community center, @thewilyfilipino noted, "Gavin Newsom just walked into the Bayanihan Community Center. The mayor has good taste!" (Indeed, he does.)

Newom was also spotted frolicking your editor's favorite neighborhood. On Friday afternoon, @derekryansound noted, "so weird - Gavin Newsom is walking behind me down Eddy St."

On Sunday, @ashmalaviya said she "[m]et gavin newsom randomly near union square."

Finally, over in Chinatown, LaGinaPhillips frantically updated, "Sitting in a bus at a stop, who do I see walking through Chinatown? None other than Gavin Newsom. Seriously. I'm still mad at him." (How can you be mad at boyish charm?)

So, yeah, there you have it, he's back now. Also, be sure to send SFist your post-election Gavin Newsom pics if you'd like to see them up on the site.