As we all know, San Francisco nightlife has been under fire quite a bit lately. In addition to the ongoing saga of the Alcoholic Beverage Control's enforcement of arbitrary rules they've set for all-ages music clubs, a group of conservatives have been showing up at hearings at City Hall claiming that night-time entertainment is the cause of "violent crime, murder, prostitution, public urination and defecation and any host of problems that the city has been facing for decades."

The group is doing all they can to undermine the newly formed Entertainment Commission in an effort to put nightlife enforcement back in the hands of SFPD. Yes, the EC may have its faults, but doesn't SFPD have better things to do than make sure nightclubs are being well managed?

Today's hearing is focused on expanding the EC's power from simply revoking permits -- an expensive and time-consuming process, to being able to first write tickets for minor infractions before things get bad enough that permit revocation makes sense. Sounds like a fair deal all around.

Head over to City Hall, Room 263, on your lunch break today at 1 p.m., and show your support for San Francisco's bars and clubs. If you can't make it, it wouldn't hurt to send the Board of Supervisors a letter. See the DNA Lounge's key points on the matter to help you get started. (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)

To keep abreast of these issues, join the Stop the War on Fun's Facebook group, add them on Twitter, and check out the Entertainment Commission's Facebook group as well.