This is why getting violently ill sucks. You miss wonderfully uncomfortable stuff like this. See, at last night's Democratic County Central Committee gala at the San Francisco Fairmont, a surprise guest showed up. Who, you ask? None other than Governor Schwarzenegger, making a surprise appearance to speak to the left-leaning crowd. After being introduced by former SF Mayor Willie Brown, Arnold was "greeted by an awkward combination of polite applause, hisses, and shouts."

But wait, it gets better.

Asm. Tom Ammiano heckled Schwarzenegger as he was trying to speak. Brian Leubitz of Calitics reports:

[Schwarzenegger ] was talking with Willie Brown and his entourage for a while. And then, former SF Board of Supes President Aaron Peskin brought him up on the stage. As he began to talk, Asm. Ammiano yelled out "You LIE."

The Governor began to say a few words about how he heard that the Democratic Party event was in the same hotel as a chorus of boos and other random hissing noises rained down upon him. I, of course, was taking pictures with my cell phone. Apparently the Governor felt that he should visit the Democratic event because he "sleeps with one every night." And then proceeded to tell the room that he was "post-partisan" and that he didn't care whether you were a Republican or a Democrat.

Oh yes, it gets even better:

And as he continued, Asm. Ammiano still couldn't believe this man was up on the stage at a Democratic event. The San Francisco Assembly Member yelled something to the effect of "kiss my gay ass" as he left the room.

Then, according to Be_Devine at Calitics, "Senator Mark Leno later gave a brilliant and eloquent smack-down of Arnie's policies that are hurting hundreds of thousands of Californians."

Shut it down, Tom and Mark.