Topped off with one of the harshest headlines aimed at Gavin Newsom yet ("The Impending Implosion of CA Gov Hopeful Gavin Newsom"), Newsweek scribe Daniel Stone says that the San Francisco Mayor's current white-hot streak in the relatively nascent gubernatorial race is in danger of cooling off. Fast.

With Clinton's early endorsement -- a move that's more of a stab at Jerry Brown, less so any swooning over Newsom's plan to save California -- Stone wonders what else Newsom do until election time.

A powerful endorsement is something normally saved to be witnessed by the maximum number of cameras and undecided voters. Used wisely, it’s a valuable weapon: if Newsom were locked in dead heat with a primary or even general election opponent, a thumbs up from Clinton could give him a boost. But rolling out the big guns before most candidates have even declared strikes of desperation, rather than strength.

As Stone goes on to point out, if Newsom can siren in much-needed money (likely) or procure smoke and mirrors in the form of an Oprah-like endorsement (unlikely), he could possibly squeak by. But just barely.

Also, in related news, Newsom and Brown tied in SFist's most recent highly unscientific poll.

Also plus, in somewhat related news, Brown attended a fundraiser for Republican DA Mike Ramos, prompting Newsom to create this time-wasting petition asking Jerry Brown "not to raise money for right-wing Republican politicians who will take California in the wrong direction."