complied a list of the 20 worst bars in the U.S. Among them is "Bow Wow’s Cocktail Lounge." Tastefully described as "a Vietnamese whorehouse," the North Beach institute wins a spot on the unsavory list mainly because of the Yelp reviews it's garnered.


"Mama Candy will show you her baseball bat from behind the bar." - Christina H.

"After enough drinks you'll be singing 'Karma Chameleon' by Boy George in a heavy and broken Chinese accent too." - earl g.

"Mama is this crazy looking Chinese women who is constantly drunk but smiley regardless. Gave me extra pistachios in case I got too drunk." - Fiona S.

"I've had my share of dive bars, but this by far takes the top spot. Mama Candy never shuts up ... and I can't help but stare at her mangled teeth when drunk! She has a habit of conning your money too, but will give you loads of free shots to make up for it?" - emily c.

"Wow... MAMA CANDY is Crazy!!!" - Peter K.

Wow, is right. Combine the Yelp reviews with the 'splendor of Mama Candy, and it's safe to say that "Bow Wow's Cocktail Lounge" (nee Bow Bow's Cocktail Lounge) is, actually, the best bar in the U.S. SFist has a new home away form home.