We were working on a post of images from last night's Mark Leno bash at Trigger in the Castro. But, lo and behold, Beth Spotswood beat us to it, doing an extraordinarily far better job with it than we could. Anyway, elections are on the horizon. Senator Mark Leno was in town. He talked about smart wonk stuff, he talked about smart important stuff. A lot. And in a good way.

Supes Mirkarimi, Maxwell, Campos, and Dufty were there too, kissing Leno's ring. D8 Candidates Rebecca Prozan, Laura Spanjian, Rafael Mandelman and Scott Wiener were on hand too. Assessor Phil Ting was introduced as the "Treasurer." (Oops.) Free food, free booze. Some sort of buzz was in the air/our blood system. Leno fawned over marriage equality nonprofit Travel For Change after handing them a hefty donation. Also, and although he's denied it, we have a funny feeling in our tummy that he might make a run for Mayor. (Maybe ithat's wishful thinking on our part.)

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