Though small bits of blood on the ground are not a rare sight in the Civic Center/Tenderloin environs, we felt we should mention a not-insignificant amount of spilled plasma being mopped up at Civic Center BART station last evening (9/29) around 7:40 p.m. Whatever incident had occurred (we have a call in to the SFPD), it was over and what was left was a lot of blood droplets ranging from one end of the platform all the way to the other end, with a small pool next to one of the round benches, and several officers manning the exits. It appeared that whoever was bleeding, it was from a decent-sized wound and they had wandered the length of the platform and back before seeking help or being carted away. BART police have no information on the incident, and though we think there were at least a couple SFPD officers on the scene, we were too busy side-stepping blood droplets and getting on our train to deal with being proper journalists or taking photos. We'll let you know if anyone calls us back, and do tell us if you have any better info.