The 18th Annual Fringe Festival, which features a completely unjuried format and gives the artists total creative freedom, starts tonight. Navigating the Fringe Festival's "free form" website is a bit overwhelming, much like trying to choose which performances to watch. One feature that we really like is the Audience Review section, in which users can add their 2-cents on an ongoing basis.

One current hit with audiences is the intriguing I Prefer Fur by Victoria Doggett, which is "sometimes creepy, so sometimes bittersweet, so odd and hilarious." Audiences also laughed and cried at Una Osato's Recess. We were told to "drop everything and rush to see" Barry Smith's Jesus in Montana: Adventures in a Doomsday Cult (featured above). We hear PowerPoint is well utilized in the performance.

Check out a running description of all the plays at this year's fest.