SF Examiner has a very important report on what your San Francisco supervisors did during their three weeks off. A few of them did some pretty gay stuff; and one of them did what your SFist editor did during his summer vacations as a youth, literally.

Check it out:

  • Board President David Chiu went to China. (Exotic!)
  • Supervisor Bevan Dufty went to "Provincetown, R.I." [online edition correction "Provincetown, Mass."] (Because a well-fucked supervisor is an effective supervisor.)
  • Eric Mar spent time in a mineral bath in Calistoga. (Refreshing!)
  • David Campos went to LA and Cancun, Mexico (Sitting in traffic on the 405 will make one pine for bodyshots.)
  • John Avalos body surfed at Huntington Beach, went fishing. (A supervisor after our own heart!)

We're not sure, exactly, what the others did. Maybe they had to go to summer session? Melissa Griffin has some ideas here.

Oh, and since our Day Around the Bay guest bloggers proved even more popular than we had imagined, please stay tuned month for a special block of Day Around the Bay featuring SF supervisors as guest editors. (Side note: for you supervisors who refuse to do it, we'll just have your sworn enemy guest blog for you. We're that serious.) We hope to round them up later this month, as soon as things percolate at City Hall after full meetings resume. (Thanks for the idea, Supervisor Chis Daly!)