After an inspector discovered a crack in the eastern span of the Bay Bridge over the weekend, crews plan to hysterically work overnight in an effort to reopen the Bay Bridge on Tuesday morning during the early AM commute. According to CBS 5, "the damaged link — part of a network of eight similar pieces — is about 2 inches thick and was cracked halfway through." And, at a news conference on the Bay Bridge this morning, reports SF Appeal, California Department of Transportation spokesman Bart Ney said, "It is a monumental challenge to make it by 5 a.m." Which means Ney is saying that the bridge will be closed tomorrow, or he's positioning the workers to lauded as heroes if it opens at the scheduled 5 a.m. time. Either way, we'll let you know what the plans it when it's officially announced. But still, you should probably plan on finding another way across the bay for tomorrow morning.