While the bridge has been shutdown over the Labor Day Weekend, they've been publishing images of their work in progress, using high-resolution photos. Much to our delight. Otherwise, one would never have spotted this totally awesome bit of graffiti, presumably scribbled on the on the side of the structure by Bay Bridge workers.

Follow the Blowup-esque gallery to find out what these workers wanted you to know.

And, who could they be referring to here? Caltrans inspector Mike Whiteside? A much-loathed bridge worker named "Mike" who has an affection for mammary glands? Mike Seaver? As Jim Herd at SFCitizen, who first spotted the offensive graffiti, points out, "Perhaps Mike Whiteside’s pals could spend their time looking for more cracks instead of engaging in these kinds of monkeyshines?"

Update: Bay Bridge Media Bar seems to have yanked the images from the site. Bah.