This again?

OK, folks, time to man up. Or woman up. Just get up, and listen. Noted hate group Catholic Exchange, a site that promotes biggorty and homophobia under a simulacrum of God, is asking its followers to demand Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to veto Senator (and future Mayor of San Francisco?) Mark Leno's "Harvey Milk Day" bill. They've placed a jarring and "urgent" message on their site asking readers to call the Governor to stop the bill. Worse yet, the egregiously titled Christian News Wire, according to Equality California, "carried a story calling Harvey a notorious sexual predator, a public liar, a terrible model for kids and demanded the Governor veto the bill." Vile

Look, you have to understand one thing about these people, these kind of people: they have such an intense loathing for gays that they can't even stand to have to acknowledge that gays even exist, or are capable of accomplishing anything. If they succeed in getting the bill vetoed, things will, inarguably, get worse. Much worse.

Fortunately, you can help. Here's how:

  • 1. Call the Governor
    Capitol Office: 916.445.2841
    Fresno Office: 559.477.1804
    Los Angeles Office: 213.897.0322
    Riverside Office: 951.680.6860
    San Diego Office: 619.525.4641
    San Francisco Office: 415.703.2218
  • 2. Send the Governor an email voicing your support for Leno's Bill

  • 3. Tweet @Schwarzenegger with your support

  • 4. Sign this petition.\

Please do this today. (At the very least, it will be good karma. And who couldn't use some extra karma? )

Extremist hate groups like Concerned Women for America, Capitol Resource Institute, and the Campaign for Children and Families (groups that should, let's face it, be stopped by any means necessary) "are stopping at nothing to mobilize their members to call, email, fax and tweet their opposition to Senator Mark Leno’s bill." Let's hope you can do the same.